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Why VPS?
We offer the perfect blend of performance, control, and cost efficiency.
Revolutionizing Your Cloud Strategy

In today's digital landscape, where computing power is as crucial as electricity, selecting the right Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider isn't just a choice—it's a strategic decision. With VPS AI, we're not just offering a service; we're revolutionizing the way you engage with cloud computing. Here's why VPS AI stands out:

Decentralized Infrastructure

Shift to secure, decentralized cloud computing with blockchain-enhanced reliability and control

GPU-Enabled Performance

Access high-performance computing for AI, 3D rendering, and more with our GPU-enabled VPS

Scalability on Demand

Adjust your resources as needed, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Transparent Pricing

Save up to 80% with our competitive pricing, making advanced computing affordable

Community-Driven Ecosystem

Join a collaborative network of developers and innovators in a platform that’s shaping the future of cloud computing.

Competitive Prices
Unlock Up to 80% Savings on Cutting-Edge GPU Power: Experience Affordability Like Never Before.
$2.48 per/h
$0.513 per/h
Global Availability
We exclusively partner with top global infrastructure providers for secure network access.
Comprehensive Ecosystem
Our ecosystem integrates AI Marketplace, staking, voting, and revenue sharing, fostering collaboration and passive income.
Key Features
Explore the strength of our cutting-edge infrastructure and dynamic ecosystem, where AI as a Service is just the start. Our platform features top-tier GPUs for peak performance, streamlined one-click installation, and a robust decentralized network designed for ultimate efficiency and scalability. Engage with our AI & Computing Marketplace to tap into exciting revenue-sharing opportunities. Join a global community that's redefining standards in digital innovation and setting the stage for the future of technology.
AI as a Service
Harness the power of AI with our ecosystem's vast array of AI features, easily accessible in our marketplace.
Experience unmatched performance with our diverse selection of top-tier GPUs, powered by premium datacenter providers.
One-Click Installation
Deploy your projects effortlessly with our one-click installation, simplifying common use case setups.
Benefit from enhanced reliability and performance through our decentralized global network of infrastructure providers.
Revenue Sharing
Earn revenue by holding VPS and participating in our innovative AI & Computing Marketplace.
Use Cases
Unlock the full potential of our VPS solutions across a spectrum of demanding use cases. Our robust infrastructure is purpose-built to drive major breakthroughs—from pioneering AI and Machine Learning innovations to advancing critical scientific research. Experience how our platform excels in delivering exceptional efficiency for complex tasks such as 3D rendering and blockchain development. Discover the transformative impact and real-world applications of our technology, powering progress in diverse fields and setting new benchmarks in digital excellence.
Training complex artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models, especially deep learning algorithms. These models require immense computational resources to process and learn from vast amounts of data. GPUs, with their parallel processing capabilities, can significantly reduce the time required for training and inference, thus accelerating the development and deployment of AI applications in areas such as image and speech recognition, natural language processing, and predictive analytics.
Scientific computing tasks, including simulations, modeling, and analysis in fields like physics, chemistry, biology, and climate science. These applications often involve processing complex mathematical models and large datasets to simulate physical phenomena, analyze genetic sequences, or model climate changes over time. GPUs offer the parallel processing power needed to perform these calculations more efficiently than traditional CPUs, enabling more detailed simulations and faster results.
Creation of 3D content, including video games, animated films, and architectural visualizations. These applications require substantial graphical processing power to render high-quality images and animations. GPUs are specifically designed to handle these types of tasks, making them ideal for rendering workloads. They can significantly reduce rendering times, support more complex scenes, and facilitate real-time rendering and interactive design processes.
Blockchains require substantial computational power for performing complex cryptographic calculations necessary for mining cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as for validating and securing transactions on the network. GPUs, with their ability to perform parallel operations, are well-suited for this task, providing the necessary horsepower to efficiently solve the cryptographic puzzles that are a fundamental aspect of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mining. This makes GPU-enabled VMs a popular choice for individuals and organizations involved in the mining process, seeking to optimize their operations and maximize returns.
Our Roadmap
Explore the milestones that have shaped our journey and discover a preview of what lies ahead.
Interested in our progress?
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